Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life after a change!!

I know I stopped writing on the blog because I said that I've moved on in my life and most of my healing was over and then I started a new blog of Jared (my husband) and I's life together. But I do want to write more on this blog. I will never fully be healed with the loss of my daughter. I miss her even still today. I always think about her. I always want to hold her and be with her. I am so greatful that she has her mom and dad though. I would never EVER take it back, but it doesn't mean that I don't miss her. Because I do. I miss her a ton!!!!
So much has happened in the past 6-7 months. I got married, Henslee turned 1, then 1 1/2, she's growing up so much!! Marriage has been so fun, but has brought on a lot of feelings that I wasn't aware that I still had. I've had to really look deep inside me and figure out who I am through marriage. I love my husband so much and couldn't ask for a better man, but with all that I have been through in my life marriage can sometimes be a challenge. But man am I grateful for that!! It has made me grow up so much more!!!! Jared and I are crazy about one other and I would do anything for him and him me!!!!!
Another change that has happened in my life is of course Henslee :) My favorite little girl in the WHOLE world!!!!! She keeps growing up!! I love seeing how she moves and grows to look like Matt and I! She is just so happy all the time!!! she got a new little brother!!! Which I am so glad! she loves him so much!!! She is now 19 months!!! It has been a struggle though because we have found out that she isn't "normal". It breaks my heart to know that, but she is struggling to grow up as a normal little girl. She's been really slow in her development. She got glasses because she's practically blind. She barely started to crawl and now she loves to crawl. But she still doesn't walk. She is getting better and stronger everyday but it is a struggle for her. It breaks my heart. I love her so much!!!

This was Henslee's first birthday :)

More of Henslee's Birthday :)
We celebrated it ALL week!!! We went to the Zoo and out to dinner, she has a wonderful birthday party at the park, and we did a photo shoot!!! Greatest week EVER!!

This is Christmas time!!! Olesia is Nixon's birthmom. She also is one of my best friends! I am so glad that we get to share a wonderful family! This is us together at christmas time.
I have so many pictures I don't even know which ones to put on!!!